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The tabs on this page provide you with details on the Going Abroad Checklist. This information will help you complete what is on the "Orientation" section of the list.

Last updated on 23 September 2020.

Offering general information, the student information fair is a great event for you if you are considering going abroad during your studies at Avans.

What's on offer

The fair kicks off with a general presentation on Erasmus+. After that, you can drop by different tables for all kinds of information. You also have the chance to ask your questions to students who have just returned from abroad.

Check the calendar

The student information fair always takes place at the start of the calendar year. You can attend this fair in Breda or Den Bosch. Check the Studentinfo calendar for the upcoming edition.

Information session at your school

A number of Avans schools also host information sessions on this topic for their own students. More information about this you can find at your Avans school.

Last updated on 26 February 2020.

If you want to do a period of study abroad as part of your programme at Avans, you will need to find a host institution abroad first.

Avans has contracts in place with various universities across the globe. If you go on an exchange at one of these partner institutions, you will continue to be enrolled at Avans. This means you do not have to pay tuition fees to the institution abroad.

Check the map

The map below gives you an overview of the contracted institutions. Please click on an institution to see whether Avans has an exchange agreement for the study domain of which your study programme is part.

Please note: you are not automatically eligible for every university on this map! You must also be aware that although we update this map on a regular basis, it may not be up to date. 

Always check with your school

Always check with your school whether you can go on an exchange at a particular university. Different Avans schools have different conditions you must meet. The number of places available may also be limited. More information about this you can find at your Avans school.

Last updated on 26 February 2020.

Every year, Avans students and staff members are involved in various incidents abroad. The outbreak of potentially fatal viral infectious diseases, earthquakes, personal accidents, theft of money or passports and violent unrest are just some examples. It is vital that you and Avans are able to be in contact in these situations.

Travel advice

Check the travel advice for your destination published on the website of the Netherlands ministry of Foreign Affairs (information in Dutch only). Avans strictly adheres to this advice.

Read the regulations

The Regulations on trips and stays abroad apply to all students who are abroad to study, train or graduate. Be sure to read this document carefully.

Mandatory registration of details

Avans University of Applied Sciences wants to be able to contact you immediately to assist you in the event of an incident abroad. This is only possible if we have your exact travel and contact details. This information is crucial for us to be able to act quickly and effectively.

Every student traveling abroad for a period of study, a work placement or a graduation assignment is required to enter their travel details in Osiris before departure. Please log onto Osiris and submit your details under “Stay abroad – Contact Information”.

Update your details

Your details may change during your stay abroad. You may for example get a phone with a local number or a new address. Always update your details in the database immediately.

Also register with the ministry of Foreign Affairs

Be sure to also register your details with the Dutch ministry of Foreign Affairs if you plan to go abroad for a longer period of time. The ministry will keep you updated on the security conditions in the area where you are located. As this information is only available in Dutch, you can also opt to register with your own government.

Change travel advice during my stay abroad 

Students in areas that have been given an orange or red colour code by the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs are urgently advised to return to the Netherlands. This is not an obligation, however, unless new guidelines issued by the RIVM, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs or the local authorities in your country make it imperative for you to return to the Netherlands. If you decide to remain and continue your work placement or studies, this will have no impact on the recognition of your credits.

If you decide to remain, make sure you:

  • observe all local official measures
  • monitor your local security situation
  • monitor the state of local healthcare
  • keep in touch with the Avans International Office

How to get in touch in case of an emergency

If you get into a life-threatening situation abroad, such as a serious illness or personal accident, always immediately contact both your insurance company’s emergency assistance service and the Avans International Office.

Please save the following numbers to your phone before departure, and make sure to give them to your friends and relatives back home.

Always report loss or theft of personal items to the local police.

Emergency assistance number: +31 20 - 592 92 92

If a disaster or emergency such as an earthquake occurs, make sure to also phone +31 20 - 592 92 92. This will put you in touch with the emergency assistance service that is the Dutch nationwide coordinator in case of disasters and emergencies for that particular year: ANWB Alarmcentrale, Allianz Global Assistance, SOS International or Eurocross Assistance.

International Office: +31 88 525 80 01

You can reach the Avans International Office on +31 88 525 80 01. If this line is unavailable, please call the study abroad emergency number: +31 76 532 09 72.

Take out proper insurance

Make sure you have suffience coverage before traveling abroad. Details about this are available from the insurance page.

More information

The Nuffic website lists some useful websites that can help you prepare for an emergency abroad.

For more information, please contact Avans’s International Office by sending an email to internationaloffice@avans.nl or calling +31 88 525 80 01. Alternatively, you can visit the Student Information Desk.

Last updated on 11 August 2021.

Completing an exchange programme abroad will cost you money. Your budget may limit your destination options.

That's why it is important to estimate how much money you will need for your exchange before you apply. This includes expenses for various matters including:

  • visa
  • vaccinations
  • accommodation
  • insurance
  • travel
  • food and drink

Keep in mind that costs for these matters may vary between cities, even within the same country. The WilWeg website offers information on the average expenses level per country (information in Dutch only).

Please note that you will continue to pay regular full-time tuition fees to Avans if you go on an exchange.

Last updated on 15 January 2020.
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